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Abstract AI reduces hours spent analyzing legislative and regulatory policy by synthesizing high volumes of data and abstracting what is relevant.

"Abstract AI is providing incredible insights & top-tier policy analysis."

"Abstract AI is revolutionizing the industry. The AI understands an enterprise's core business, filters likely risks and opportunities, and analyzes how that change in government policy will affect the bottom line."

Kimberly Gold
Former EVP, Chief Legal & Risk Officer, HITRUST

Navigate Complex Policy, Uncover Risk & Opportunities.

Custom Data Imports
Handpick what materials, datasets, legislative documents, etc. you want to train Abstract AI with and analyze in real time.
Redline, Draft, & Report
Maximize efficient communication and advocacy through shared redlining and drafting on a single platform.

Cross-Platform Integrations
Abstract AI plugs into your workflow with cross-platform integrations (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, etc.)

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