Abstract Announces Collaboration with Trellis To Use AI Appropriately In Revolutionizing Government Transparency – Legislation Will Now Take Seconds To Analyze
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Abstract Announces Collaboration with Trellis To Use AI Appropriately In Revolutionizing Government Transparency – Legislation Will Now Take Seconds To Analyze

Together, Abstract and Trellis are building ground-breaking tools backed by AI to make government more transparent in a conscientious way.
November 16, 2023

San Francisco, CA:  Abstract has established a collaboration with Trellis, in the pursuit of building ground-breaking tools backed by artificial intelligence to make government more transparent in a conscientious way. Large language models, a recent advancement in AI, enable Abstract users to understand how government policy will impact their business while providing actionable insight to influence legislation at the local, state, and federal levels in a matter of seconds.

Abstract Co-Founder and CTO Mohammed Hayat:

“Historically, large advancements in technology have been disruptive and game changing. However, we've seen that one of the greatest missteps in the past is the failure to mitigate risk early on.We know that the never-seen-before AI powered tools we're building for the legislative/advocacy space will significantly change the way we process and utilize large amounts of data and we want to do that safely as we expand out to other industries.”

Abstract was co-founded by Patricio Utz, Matthew Chang and Hayat in 2020 to bring much needed innovation to the government affairs industry. The startup’s groundbreaking AI-powered bill search and real-time reports unlocked over a million records of CA state legislation going back to 1989. While accuracy and minimal bias are of paramount importance to the hundreds of customers that rely on Abstract to discover, organize, analyze, and influence legislation, Abstract also recognizes the need for responsible AI.

To safeguard against potential risks and ethical dilemmas presented by this technology, Abstract has collaborated with Trellis to build a knowledge-sharing community dedicated to creating the safest and smartest tool for working with large sets of data. This community formed after multiple conversations with industry specialists and companies practicing creative destruction, all with the common goal of creating an open knowledge base for safe and efficient methods in building with this new technology.

Alon Shwartz, co-founder and CPO of Trellis:

“At Trellis, we face similar challenges as Abstract, related to legal technology and AI so working together has been exciting. This technology is evolving at a remarkable pace, so establishing a community of non-competing, like-minded, creative technologists around a common cause is the way forward. We have all benefited from this community and we are looking forward to watching it grow.”

Since its founding, Abstract now has a team of 12 employees,  raised $2.7M in venture-backed funding, and worked with hundreds of organizations across California, including the California State Library Research Bureau, the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed), the California Business Roundtable, City of Pico Rivera, California News Publishers Association, the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, the Bay Area Council, American Pistachio Growers, California Strategies and Advocacy, Southern California Biomedical Council, California YIMBY, The San Diego Housing Commission, Capitol Advisors Group, and Fortune 500 corporations in the clean energy and medical space.

This is just the beginning of a longer journey that Abstract is embarking on to distill complex language from government, private entities, and more. The end result is broader access to understanding messy data, and an increase in equitability.

About Abstract: Abstract is a project management & intelligence platform for understanding governments impact. Corporate legal teams, lobbying firms, associations, and government agencies use Abstract’s AI platform to reduce the legal hours spent analyzing legislation & regulations, and uncover deep-rooted risk. Founded in 2020, the company is expanding its AI model to abstract complex language for teams beyond government affairs. To learn more, visit abstract.us, or email us at hey@abstract.us!

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