Abstract Webinar Series: A Look Through the Legal Lens

Abstract Webinar Series: A Look Through the Legal Lens

Tune into a candid conversation about the intersection of law, government affairs, and AI with Kimberly Gold, Abstract Advisor & former EVP, Chief Legal & Risk Officer at HITRUST.
March 20, 2024

“Historically, Government Affairs was more isolated and it was not always under the Legal umbrella…but I think there is so much overlap with privacy, information protections, security, all kinds of topics that you have to focus on from a Government Affairs perspective, but also impact businesses from a Legal perspective too.”

This week, join Abstract Co-Founder & CEO, Patricio Utz, and Kimberly Gold to chat about AI through the lens of Legal and Government Affairs teams. Kim, former EVP, Chief Legal & Risk Officer at HITRUST, shares her unique insights into the reality of in-house corporate Legal & GA and how AI can supplement existing workflows to improve an organization’s overall efficiency and efficacy.

The emergence of AI has received a lot of attention from the legal realm, with some of the most notable conversations around Artificial Intelligence’s accuracy limitations, confidentiality, hallucinations, ethics, etc. In this conversation, Kim sheds light on these concerns, while also harping on the future-proofing and predictive powers of AI, and how Abstract AI is bringing said powers to enterprise organizations in an innovative, confidential, and collaborative way.

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