Abstract Webinar Series: Deciphering Policy Impact With Tech

Abstract Webinar Series: Deciphering Policy Impact With Tech

The Abstract Webinar Series welcomes Ted Ko! Check out this week's conversation to understanding how new technologies are transforming the way policy is being designed and implemented.
May 2, 2024

This week on the Abstract Webinar Series, Pat is joined by Ted Ko, the Executive Director & Chief Architect of the Energy Policy Design Institute. Prior to his role at the EPDI, Ted worked as the VP of Policy & Regulatory Affairs at Stem, Inc, where he served as a national thought leader on public policy for energy storage.

Operating at the intersection of policy and energy for some time now, Ted has emphasized the adoption of technology to enhance policy-making and implementation processes. Throughout his career, Ted has observed a significant demand for policy-oriented technology within government agencies. Tools like Abstract AI, designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of government affairs, policy, and legal workflows, need broader adoption to alleviate the burden on these respective offices. In Ted's own words,

"At this point, it's less about agencies becoming experts on every topic; it's more about their ability to process all the data and derive insights from it."

The seemingly relentless task of monitoring government policy is now being eased by the integration of cutting-edge technologies, particularly AI-powered models. These models have advanced to the extent that they can help organizations and agencies instantly decipher the impacts of legislation. Embracing technology's capabilities will enable agencies and for-profit organizations to pinpoint the downstream and immediate impacts of government policy.

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