Abstract Webinar Series: Founder to Founder

Abstract Webinar Series: Founder to Founder

Tune in! This week, 3x founder Jason Kiesel joins Abstract's CEO, Patricio Utz, for a conversation about achieving early-stage growth and managing a business in the GovTech industry.
February 8, 2024

The Abstract Webinar Series is back this week featuring guest Jason Kiesel. As a SaaS founder himself, Jason joins Patricio for an insightful conversation on starting a business within the GovTech sector. Together, they delve into the realities of entrepreneurship: celebrating victories and milestones such as achieving profitability and securing initial customer contracts, while also addressing the challenges of fundraising and navigating sales/growth within an antiquated industry.

If you're considering starting your own business, intrigued by the GovTech space, or simply eager to learn more about the trials and tribulations of early-stage organizational growth, don't miss out on Jason and Patricio’s discussion.

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