Abstract Webinar Series: The Power of AI

Abstract Webinar Series: The Power of AI

Check out our second webinar featuring Abstract’s CTO, Mohammed Hayat, and CEO, Patricio Utz. Together, Mo and Patricio discuss the evolving powers of artificial intelligence and how Abstract is seeking to disrupt the legal-tech space.
December 5, 2023

The Abstract Webinar Series is back! This week you have the chance to sit down with two of Abstract’s co-founders, Mohammed (Mo) Hayat and Patricio Utz. Together, the duo takes a deep dive into the ever-evolving realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and unveils Abstract's groundbreaking initiatives to transform the Legal-Tech industry.

As the Chief Technology Officer of Abstract, Mo serves as your guide in this webinar’s exploration of AI. Offering a comprehensive crash course, Mo demystifies the intricate world of AI, shedding light on the prevailing discourse, simplifying the mechanics of AI models, and providing valuable insights into what the future holds in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a nuanced understanding of AI and witness how Abstract is at the forefront of leveraging this transformative technology to reshape the future of the Legal-Tech landscape.

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