Abstract CEO, Patrick Utz, joins Association Chat podcast to talk about making the political process more accessible.

Association Chat host, KiKi L'Italien, and Abstract CEO, Patrick Utz discuss Abstract's mission to make the political process more accessible for associations through increased government transparency.
Association Chat
June 28, 2022

"No matter which part of the political spectrum you fall on, you are likely unhappy with the opaque and difficult-to-track political process – especially when it comes to policy development. Patrick Utz is the CEO and Co-Founder of Abstract. A former engineer at Boeing, Patrick leads Abstract focused on its mission to increase government transparency. Association Chat host KiKi L'Italien talks with Patrick about Abacus and the drive to make the political process more accessible for everyone. Join us as this interview is recorded live on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 2 pm ET."

-Association Chat

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