2024 Legislative Session: How Abstract Users Can Set Themselves Up for Success

2024 Legislative Session: How Abstract Users Can Set Themselves Up for Success

The 2024 legislative year has just begun. Explore how you can set yourself up for success with our Legislative Checklist curated by our team and advisors.
January 17, 2024

 Review Past Legislation: With the new year upon us, it is crucial to acknowledge the significance of legislative issues from the previous session. Ensure a thorough examination for any recurring legislative topics that have persisted from earlier sessions.

Abstract Tips:

  1. Review past legislation with Abstract’s powerful legislative search that dates back to 1989.
  2. Use Abstract’s Search page or create a Bill List to view all Regular or Special Session bills using the Session Filter.
  3. View Legislators' vote history and Staffer contact information on specified bill pages.

✓  Build Meaningful Partnerships: Strengthen your advocacy efforts by leveraging and expanding your network. Identify key legislators, committees, and influencers pertinent to your organization's interests.

Abstract Tips:

  1. Contact committee members, staffers, contact information, and more using Abstract’s in-product Directory and Author info on the Bill Page.
  2. Check out this article authored by Abstract advisor Chris Micheli about how to write an effective advocacy letter. 

✓  Bolster Internal Communication: Solid internal discourse is key to overall strategy, maintaining organizational leadership, and providing clear reports to stakeholders about relevant legislative developments.

Abstract Tips:

  1. Use Abstract’s Public Comment Sharing to request comments from anyone outside of your workspace. Synthesize opinions with the built-in Analytics page 
  2. You can even share comments in spreadsheet format using Export CSV
  3. Use Abstract’s Notes to append your thoughts, letters, and comments to individual bills. Then, display these Notes on your shared Lists & PDF Exports. 

✓  Engage Externally: Cultivate outward-facing communications to enhance your organization. Crafting effective public statements, position letters, and testimonies can contribute to your organization's effectiveness.

Abstract Tips:

  1. Submit letters of support or opposition, by accessing the California Legislature Position Letter Portal directly from the Homepage of your Abstract account.
  2. Attach letters of support or opposition at the top of your Abstract Bill List and bill-specific Notes for quick reference.

✓  Stay Informed: Maintain an awareness of  what  legislative deadlines, bill hearings, and/or introductions are on the horizon. This is  supremely important for navigating the legislative landscape. 

Abstract Tips:

  1. Download, save, and/or print Abstract’s 2024 CA Legislative Calendar to stay up to date this session.
  2. Create a Calendar Report by selecting “Committee Hearing/Floor Session” in Edit Settings to see which of your bills of interest are set for hearing. 
  3. Keep an eye on the Daily File for hearings every day. Simply click “Add to Calendar” to save hearings to your personal calendar.

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