Abstract Webinar Series: Let’s Talk Collaboration

Abstract Webinar Series: Let’s Talk Collaboration

The Abstract Webinars Series has arrived! Check out our first webinar featuring Patricio Utz, Abstract CEO & Co-Founder, and our Kathryn Brackmann, Legislative Product Consultant. Together, Patricio and Kathryn dive into how Abstract’s collaborative workspace and top-tier data insights bolster users overall efficiency and effectiveness.
November 15, 2023

The Abstract team is excited to present the Abstract Webinar Series, an engaging and educational way for Abstract team members, users, advisors, and partners to convene and cultivate meaningful conversations that explore the core of Abstract's innovative and collaborative solutions.

In this inaugural webinar, Abstract CEO & Co-Founder Patricio Utz, engages in a discussion with our Legislative Product Consultant, Kathryn Brackmann, to discuss the collaborative capabilities of Abstract California's legislative tracking tool. Together they delve into our Public Comment and Data Analytics Dashboard, both meticulously designed to enhance and centralize users' internal workflows.

If you're interested in catching future webinars, stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on our upcoming releases!

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