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Leverage Abstract AI to uncover risk & opportunity that current & changing government policy poses. Abstract AI reduces hours spent analyzing legislative and regulatory policy by synthesizing high volumes of data and abstracting what is relevant.

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Effectively Analyze Government Policy as It Pertains to Your Business

Abstract AI acts as a team of analysts, supplementing your existing workflow & uncovering insights your corporation may fundamentally overlook.

"Massively scales up the capacity of government relations teams..."

"Abstract AI is revolutionizing the work of policy professionals like myself. Because the AI has a detailed understanding of the company's core business, it can flag and analyze the impact of policy change on the bottom line. This massively scales up the capacity of government relations teams and enables the policy function to play its ideal role in the enterprise, fully integrated in corporate strategy."

Ted Ko
Executive Director and Chief Architect, Energy Policy Design Institute
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"Abstract AI is changing the game"

"Abstract AI is changing the game for GR teams, legal, law firms, and lobbying shops."

Bijan Mehryar
Government Affairs & Public Policy Lead
Faster Analysis
FTE Analysis Power

Obtain Unique Insights in Minutes

Mission-Critical Risk & Opportunity
By synthesizing large datasets, our Abstract AI research assistant uncovers risks & opportunities that your team may fundamentally overlook.
Draft, Report & Email
A project management tool with document collaboration & reporting-generation tools. Auto-generate emails, reports, letters of support and opposition, and more.
Exponential Growth in Intellegence
Abstract’s intelligence & analysis time improves with time. This involves understanding an organization’s specific business model & products, along with the scope of differing government policies.
Effectively Leverage Your Lobbying & Legal Partnerships
With expedited data analysis, harness your in-house and contracted lobbyists and lawyers by helping them hone in on what is most relevant to your organization.

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