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What's Abstract?

Abstract is the premier platform and database for working with California legislation. Abstract streamlines how you research & track bills, organize notes, and collaborate over legislation in real-time.

Abstract is free to use for current Coro fellows.
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Abstract has partnered with Coro Southern California to provide a special alumni discount.
Alumni Organizational Use: $98/month ($50/month per additional seat)
Alumni Personal Use: $25/month
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Stay On Top Of Timely Legislative Insights

Abstract acts as your personal assistant. Any time there’s a key legislative update, you’re alerted immediately.

More Than A Legislative Bill Tracker

Modern Interface & Collaboration
Abstract was built for the 21st century. Breeze through your work twice as fast, and collaborate effectively. Say goodbye to messy email chains and Word Docs.
Trusted by Notable Firms & Orgs
Abstract is trusted by Capitol Advisors, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, the Milken Institute, and more.
Superior Deliverables
Communication & presentation is everything. Abstract provides best-in-class deliverables for teammates, executives, members, and clients.

Track and Influence Legislation with Abstract

Intelligent Bill Search & Labels
Abstract’s search is  powered by AI and machine learning. Search, track, and organize bills instantly, in one place.
Real Time Reports
Maintain timely and clear communication using real-time web-links.
CA State and Local Bills
Track both California and Local issues in one place.
Mobile App
Quickly find and reference critical information, at the office, or on the go. Stay organized with notes you take, anywhere and anytime.

How to Use Abstract

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